Restart your threat-detection strategy

Boxtrap Process-Centric Threat Detection gives you bridge between modern IT and business you have been looking for. 

Secure your business, protect your revenue streams

Boxtrap delivers threat intelligence for your most complex, most data-rich processes and applications. We detect the known, the unknown and the hidden issues threatening your organisation and we give you a timely warning.

Value centric protection

Technical risks transformed and became more business related then ever. It is important to redefine way how to handle company assets, since they are not just technical devices any more. In banking, they are numbers, credit cards. In insurance they are numbers of insurance contract, finding. And in general, they may be just one part of your process running somewhere in cloud.

64% less false alerts thanks to statistical detection

22 TBs of data and analysed on average

Single console for threat detection and response

Your cyber-security planning is driven by quantifiable and well defined process planning. Align your digital transformation efforts and corporate cyber-security program to reach high level of protection, visibility and budgetary efficiency.

Lack of cyber-experts? No problem with Boxtrap

Controllable number of false positives served to your team help to fight lack of cyber-security experts and reduce a personal of Security Operations Centers

Why does process-centric security help you?

Your business is built around processes: customer onboarding process, payment process, DevOps process. A deviation from the usual process may put your business at risk: is the change from normal modus operandi benign? Or does it signal that an attacker is hacking into your database? Is there a malicious insider? Is the server with a critical application about to fall?

The traditional approach to enterprise security is to pin down a device, server or other IT asset and provide point-based protection. This does not deliver protection and visibility for processes that generate your revenue.

Unleash the potential of your own data to secure your business.

48 592

Assets protected


Processes protected

213 000

USD saved annualy on average


Vendors supported

“Boxtrap has been successfully helping us to investigate security events and maintain our corporate SIEM strategy for almost 3 years.”
Security Manager, Czech government organisation Czech Republic