Keep up with the heartbeat of your enterprise.

You never again have to wonder if an application or a service stopped running - or why.

Do you want to be resilient by design?

A single point of trust.

With Boxtrap, you get an automatically updated database of all IT assets in your environment.
See all your assets in one place.
Discover their interdependencies. 

Be empowerd to minimise downtime of IT caused by security and operational incidents.

Discover why you should start your journey with Boxtrap


To keep your enterprise IT up and running based on manual tasks is not only inefficient - it is impossible. Unlock your workforce and let Boxtrap do the legwork.

Machine Learning

Thanks to our patentable algorithms, we make sure that you don't only gather data about your business applications. With Boxtrap, you can understand them.


Boxtrap's product was born from cybersecurity. Our team is made up of secuity experts to make sure that your enterprise is secure by design.

Boxtrap is trusted by global brands:

“Boxtrap has been successfully helping us to investigate security events and maintain our corporate SIEM strategy for almost 3 years.”
Security Manager, Czech government organisation Czech Republic