Harmonise your level of protection and budget

Let your costs grow with your digital maturity rather then quantity of data generated by your IT environment.

Asset based and process based 

Boxtrap solutions offer various license models for any on-premises, hybrid or fully cloud business. Benefit from asset based and process based licensing model dealing with your high-volume data sources and charging you for how efficient your business is. Enter Boxtrap and make your business secure by design.

As a side-effect of their every-day operations, organisations around the globe generate higher and higher amount of mostly useless data. Purchasing new EPS license is a waste of your money and time.  Allign your cyber-security costs with overall digital maturity of your company.


How to get all those great benefits of cloud service and stay secure and compliant at the same time? Go with Boxtrap hybrid-cloud service.

Pricing model: Based on modules and number of log source types


perpetual licence
support & maintenance


We all live that big-data dream where data contains secrets never seen before. Do not pay for data volumes in your own on-premises IT environment. Rather choose Boxtrap.

Pricing model: Based on modules and number of log source types


renewable licence (typically for a 3-year period)
support & maintenance (monthly fee)