Business optics for cyber-security

Treat yourself. Let Boxtrap to provide you with an uninterupted view on risks of all kinds threatening your revenue streams.

You need to know. Boxtrap will tell you.

Boxtrap Process Threat Intelligence

Boxtrap is ready to delivery to digitally mature and also still growing enterprises. The latest trends showed that even the smallest companies must start implementing digital processes to make their operations efficient. This is exactly the right time to implement cyber-security measures and became resilient by design.

Support for any type of database

Boxtrap is database agnostic solution unleashing the power of your on-premises and cloud big-data storage. We employ sopthisticated data pseudonymisation services to keep you safe from non-compliance, powerful data transformation capabilities, detection cores and collaboration environment on the top of Elastic cluster.

Any type of organisation

Enterprises with higher level of maturity, mid-size companies with a few cyber-security measures in place. Boxtrap is for everyone and offers following connectors:

  • SIEM 2.0 

  • Cloud based log management (Loggly, Logentries)
  • Cloud environments (AWS, MS Azure)
  • Wide cyber-security infrastructure in place including FW, WAF, IDPS, DLP and many more
  • Business Process Management
  • Various big-data stores (Elastic, Hadoop,...)
  • Raw log sources
  • ... many more

Main Boxtrap features 

Signature-less detection

Assisted Threshold Tuning helps you keep the detection mechanism up-to-date. With ATT, Boxtrap can scale up or down with your team of security and business analysts. 

Intelligent Data Transformation 

As your business grows, so does the amount of machine-generated data you need to analyse. Make sure that you reduce storage demands by up to 1:100 to make data storage manageable.

Known and unknown threats

Stay ahead in the cyber-security game: identify known attacks as well as zero-day threats. State-of-the-art behaviour analysis helps you identify malicious actors and risky situation before they are out of control.

Collaborative Environment 

A shortage of experts means you want to give your team the best tools for work. Effective collaboration environment gives your team the tool to succeed. You get the ability to monitor and reward great performance. 

Alerts Prioritization

You need to know about all risks to your enterprise - but you need to know about the threats to your business-critical assets FIRST. Prioritise the situations most likely to put your revenue at risk - you can investigate false alerts later.

Reduction of costs

AI and Machine learning are applied meaningfully to save you time and on repetitive and unnecessary tasks. You can also use Boxtrap to orchestrate the solutions you already have in place. No more AI for the sake of it - this is AI that cuts your costs

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