A single-point-of-trust database

Treat yourself. Let Boxtrap give you a single point of trust: a database of all IT and business assets in your environment, regardless of the type of underlying infrastructure.

Boxtrap Asset Discovery

To keep your enterprise up and running, you must know what IT assets there are in your IT environment - at any point in time. To do this manually in complex environments that can span across hybrid and multiple cloud environments not only labour-intensive: it is impossible.

Gain visibility with automatation. Get as database of IT assets that provides you with a single point of trust about the state of your IT environment.

Become resilient by design.

Main Boxtrap features 

Automated Asset Discovery

Automatically discover new IT assets (IP address, MAC address, server, virtual machine, ...) and business assets (application, service, ....) as and when they appear. 

Automated Asset Pairing

Get a view of the interdependencies between your IT assets and business assets and speed up the finding of root cause of cyber-security and operational issues.

Detection and response

Assets that display deviations from normal behaviour can threaten continuous operations of your IT. Dind these assets, track them and collaborate to investigate them.

Find the single point of trust: a view of all your IT assets that empowers you to respond to incidents faster. 

Analyse the root cause of security-related and operational incidents.

Respond and collaborate to resolve the most urgent incidents. 

Take action with Boxtrap.


The use of Kubernetes for orchestration enables you to automate the deployment and management of your applications. The dynamic nature of Kubernetes - shifting of workloads to keep applications at your desired state - introduces a lot of new moving parts into your system. A single application can have multiple IP addresses and communicate with applications runnning on-prem or in different, equally dynamic cluster.

It is easy to lose track.

Boxtrap' integrations with Kubernetes and and a library of use-cases that helps you re-gain oversight and control over an ever-changing environment. Now, you can spend less time managing your Kubernetes and more time creating value.

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