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Everyone is facing challenges in securing their business in the cyberspace.

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Protection of CRM processes

Sick and tired of wide, robust SIEM strategies using thousands of meaningless generic technical usecases? Use Boxtrap "process centric" solution capable of describing your business processes and detecting relevant risks.

"Forget SIEM, Boxtrap helps you to understand, manage and protect what matters"

Multi-cloud threat detection

Are you migrating your IT to multiple cloud environments with lack of visibility and lost of context? Fear not. Boxtrap Asset Management and support for major cloud applications helps your to succeed in cloud.

"Bring certainty into your multi-cloud IT environment with Boxtrap"

Security Analytics as a Service

SIEM strategy is too robust and too general for many organisations. With Boxtrap, you have chance to implement end-to-end solution providing pseudonymisation, risk detection and response capabilities in one affordable package.

"Reduce your labour costs, improve security posture and stay compliant"

The best defence strategy for cloud is yours.

Every sector has specific requirements on its IT infrastructure, robustness of services and regulatory compliance. But on top of that, there is your enterprise: specifics of your system architecture, customer requirements or legacy systems. The best way of protecting your business from service disruptions, reputational damage and recovery costs is not the industry best practice. The best defence strategy for you is your best practice.

Get ready for cloud with Boxtrap.

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Use case for every industry

Financial Services

Financial transactions, complex IT infrastructures and sensitive data: banking and insurance are the sweet spot for cyber-criminals. In a highly-regulated environment, staying a step ahead of the black hats is key to staying secure.


Extremely complex and constantly changing environments, challenging identifications of assets and new classes of cyber-threats every day. Boxtrap is here to help.

Prime business

Protecting your business is more than a compliance exercise: it means protecting the trust you have earned with your clients. No matter whether industry 4.0, hospitality or e-commerce: we build on industry expertise and customise for you.

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