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Everyone is facing challenges in gaining oversight over their increasingly complex IT operations and minimising the downtime of IT services.

But nobody else is facing your challenges. 

Support for any type of database

Boxtrap is database agnostic solution unleashing the power of your on-premises and cloud big-data storage. We employ sopthisticated data pseudonymisation services to keep you safe from non-compliance, powerful data transformation capabilities, detection cores and collaboration environment on the top of Elastic cluster.

Any type of organisation

Enterprises with higher level of maturity, mid-size companies with a few cyber-security measures in place. Boxtrap is for everyone and offers following connectors:

  • SIEM 2.0 
  • Cloud based log management (Loggly, Logentries)
  • Cloud environments (AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Wide cyber-security infrastructure in place including FW, WAF, IDPS, DLP and many more
  • Containers (K8s)
  • Business Process Management
  • Various big-data stores (Elastic, Hadoop,...)
  • Raw log sources
  • ... many more

Use case for every industry

Financial Services

In your industry, any IT downtime is extremely costly. To maintain a trustworthy database of all assets means to perform root cause analysis faster. Where time is money, Boxtrap can help you make savings on a scale that matters.


Extremely complex and constantly changing environments, identification of new assets is essential to keep your infrastructure running efficiently: this is especially true for those that work with batch data. Boxtrap is here to help.

Prime business

Protecting your business is more than a compliance exercise: it means protecting the trust you have earned with your clients. No matter whether industry 4.0, hospitality or e-commerce: we build on industry expertise and customise for you.

The best asset management strategy is yours.

No two enterprises are the same: you may be managing a hybrid-cloud infrastructure with IT assets distributed on-prem, private and public clouds. No matter how complex your infrastructure, you always need to have an up-to-date view about the assets (servers, virtual machines, IP addresses, MAC addresses, usernames through to applications and services). It is not enough to get snapshots of your environment: to ensure continuity of your IT operations, you must know what your assets are.

Get an oversight of your IT assets across multiple clouds and on-prem deployments. Any time, all the time.

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